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The Emergence of Kanti

Nia Kpelle is a timid, self-conscious teenage girl who has just started her freshman year at Adam A. Korrupt High School. Nia is on the brink of self-discovery as she begins to develop the gift of foresight, tapping into the thoughts and recollections of young women who have been abused. The gift becomes a curse, often leaving her worn down from the reality of it all. Nia soon realizes that the source of her power is derived from her own past. Nia wonders why she keeps having dreams and visions about a girl named Racquel and what her connection is to her.

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Fright Knight

Nia Kpelle is now coming into her own as the visions of Racquel's encounter are becoming clearer and more vivid. Korrupt H.S. is in full Halloween mode with Nia, Nye, and Rasheeda and her new boyfriend, Casper. Nia soon finds out that Nye may not be the ‘Prince Charming’ she thought he was and that he may actually turn out to be a true 'Korrupt Knight' quarterback. By the end of this second book, a suspect is taken into custody as the potential criminal behind the Stuy-High attacks.

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Dark Like Coffee

In this third book of Nia’s Sick Sense, all questions are answered, and truths revealed. We learn the identity of the Stuy-High attacker and the reason for his assaults. Nia searches for her older sister, Coffee, after receiving a premonition of her in danger. She soon comes to find out a dark secret about Coffee-who was estranged from the family for years, which forces her to come to terms with her own issues. In this final chapter, Kanti re-emerges to protect her family from the Stuy-High attacker and bring him to justice for the victimized, young girls of Stuyvesant Heights.

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